NY Fire Camp offers something that many other fire training facilities do not...

  From realistic live fire in layouts you'll find at home to a warm bed and hot meal, it's all here for one price. 


 Lodge Building

Our lodge building was formally home to SUNY cobleskill's student activity center. Recently renovated for our needs, the lodge is home to a large area gathering center used for  lectures, student meetings and daily meals.  The lodge also houses the bunk and bath facilities for students and instructors, along with our commercial kitchen staffed by top notch culinary arts students. 

Training Site

Our Training Site is only a few hundred yards from the lodge building.  Comprised of shipping containers arranged to mimic common layouts found on the east coast. Featuring; a two story "flat" style apartment  a single family dwelling, garden apartments and more. Our Training site is fed water by an on site pond of roughly 500,000 gallons.