October 12th 2017 Fire Behavior

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Fire Behavior .jpg

October 12th 2017 Fire Behavior

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Understanding the "bigger picture" at a fire is a critical part to a successful operation.  One the most important factors of the "big picture" is a solid understanding of fire behavior in relation to three key things: 1) The type of building members are operating in. 2) What tools members have at their immediate disposal to combat the situation. 3)  Each members "radar" or self awareness to monitor the conditions. 


These a re hard lessons to teach and learn under the extreme conditions that usually go hand in hand with them. The fire-behavior simulator allows students to learn the "Do's and Don'ts" of things such as : premature ventilation, proper nozzle pattern and operation and overall body positioning. Students will receive a classroom lecture along with ample time in realistic fire conditions. 


NOTE: It is recommended that departments issue students spare or reserve turn out coats that are STILL NFPA COMPLIANT as elevated temperatures  can discolor / damage turnout coats in this setting.  Any student with a leather helmet is highly advised not to wear it during this class, plastic/ composite helmets are much better suited for the environment.  


454 Fire Training LLC / NY Fire Camp is not liable for any damaged firefighting gear or equipment. 

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